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Leading the way with our patented senoblocker technology

During aging, there is a decrease in the activity of stem cells, and therefore a reduced regenerative capacity. Additionally, senescent cells accumulate in the body and poison entire tissues.

Dorian’s Senoblockers act on epigenetic regulators to reverse both processes, reactivating programs of youthfulness and regeneration.

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Senoblockers as first in class treatment for age-related diseases

Dorian’s team has accumulated a vast amount of in vitro and in vivo evidence supporting the therapeutic role of senoblockers in Alzheimer’s, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, diabetes and autoimmune diseases. 

The small molecules we are developing against our first patented target can be used across multiple diseases, making them a valuable therapeutic tool in the elderly.

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Senoblockers for optimal cellular therapy

In adoptive immunotherapy, cells need to be expanded ex vivo before infusion into patients. During this time, they age very rapidly, drastically losing their functionality. 


Our patented senoblocker technology inhibits the ex vivo aging process and rejuvenate T cells - increasing their function, fitness, and persistence. The resulting cellular product can achieve long-lasting clinical response in multiple tumor types. 


Dorian’s senoblockers can also be used in a variety of other cellular and gene therapies.

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